Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I can't believe that we are almost at 7 months already! I am in love with my adorable and smart little guy. I wish there was a machine to slow down time. Our little boy took a big step and started creeping this week. And of course I am providing video evidence!

This is William's favorite toy. He moves like crazy in his walker. In the kitchen I am constantly moving away from him, I am afraid he is going to run over my toes. We get the best squeals of delight when he is playing in this. My sister Jenessa said he drives like a drunk, thank goodness there is no car insurance for walkers!

In the last few days he learned his "Ba" sound. He practices it over and over again. He is so precious. I am amazed at how quickly he learns and how excited he is about the world and the things he is exploring.

I am starting to enter the world of baby proofing. Everything goes in his mouth now. This morning I had to dig soggy paper out of his mouth from a price tag on some new pajamas. (I didn't think that would digest well.)
   Just like he is learning new things, so am I. The fact is that everything in the house is going to start to be moved up higher or hidden. There are new things he discovers everyday, like electric cords, that make me worry. I love the adventures of raising a curious little boy.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fair Time

This year we decided to get more involved with our community. Living in a small town means that even though events aren't as large as those we are used to (*hmm Clark County Fair and World Ag Expo) it isn't as scary to participate in them. So I decided to do something brave and entered a quilt I made for William into the fair. Bryce tried his luck at the tri-tip cookoff. The week before the fair we went to a children's rodeo. We cheered on children from our local congregation (ward). They did so well and were so proud of themselves. Poor little William is going to have to face the fact that when he gets older we are signing him up for mutton busting! Nothing cuter than children riding sheep.

My quilt did well. I was so excited to get a ribbon! Given, there were only two quilts in my division. I still and am pretty darn proud of it.

William wasn't the biggest fan. We went two days. Once with the 11-year-old scouts and then again the next day for the cook-off. He did enjoy the animals and his first taste of snocone. I heard his first scream of impatience because I couldn't shovel the delicious treat in fast enough!

I was looking online at a contest they had to take a picture in front of the Jerome County Fair Mural, There weren't too many entries so I am trying my luck to win a gift card. We'll see if I win Sunday!

On Friday we were joined by our friends the Woods. The girls and I went and looked at the animals. SO CUTE! It makes my heart happy to see baby animals. I also took some photos for work. Let me tell you. It is so hard to find clean cows. (For those of you who don't know: I work for a publishing company that focuses on cattle/dairy)

Bryce made some delicious tri-tip. The game was rigged because the Fire Fighters were selling t-shirts at the same time and the money was going in their bucket...but it was all for charity. All the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research. Everyone had a great time and that is all that matters.

William's favorite part was going home! I am glad we participated this year! I hope that we can start doing more and more in our community.