Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Pharm

Bryce and I officially celebrated spring by planting a garden. We got our seeds, pots, and dirt and threw them together to create something hopefully magical. While at the garden store we found some magical seed start kit. It included little wafers which grew huge with water. We just placed our seed in and supposedly it should germinate.

This is much more fun and productive then farmville.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


(begin rant)

So, I official hate Snow. I know I speak of my hatred for Snow often... but I want it down in writing. I HATE SNOW!!!! In my last will and testament, I want it to be stated that I enjoyed my life except for the parts with Snow in it.

Now, Snow has caused no damage to me other then making me cold, uncomfortable, irritated and worrisome. But if you look at those attributes and apply them to a person; that person would not be a friend. In fact it would be the kind of thing you would have to repent and forgive about. But since Snow is only a form of water I feel that these feelings can be openly expressed without offense.

Now, Rain. Rain is my friend. I love Rain. Rain can put me to sleep, allow me to use my windshield wipers and makes everything green. Rain can be bothersome but it doesn't stick around for weeks on end, it leaves rather quickly.

I guess what the point to all this is is that Snow should get the heck out of my life so I can be warm again because heck, it is SPRING!

(end rant)