Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes!

I had the pleasure of entertaining my Mom last week. We went walking, hiking/walking to Shoshone falls, drove to Boise, Outlet shopping, played games, made cookies, sewed...and you know watched William as well. Phew. What a long list of things to cram into five days. The time flew by.

William loved every second of having Grandma Miles around. He laughed like crazy when she would play with him and he fussed for two days after she left. I am sure he was wondering where the nice lady who gave him cheese sticks to teeth on went.

My cousin Jaren was married last month and he had a open house in Meridian, ID. I thought it would be a great time for my Mom to visit and spend time with me. We could celebrate the wedding and spend one on one time together. One of our outings was to the Boise Zoo. Overall I thought the Zoo was on par with the one in Idaho Falls. It was a fun day trip. The best part was feeding the goats. One was all up in William's face and he was fascinated by it.

Not impressed.
Still not impressed.
Aw cute!
Pretty bird.
After the Zoo we were joined by Bryce who was on a work trip the majority of the visit. We went outlet shopping and purchased some clothes for William. (That boy is growing like mad) He moved to 12 month clothing and we noticed that he had almost no pajamas or sleep and play clothes in that size. Carters was having a good sale so we stocked up on outfits for our growing boy. My mom and I got cute leather jackets for fall. To top the night off we went to Jaren and Lily's open house. It was the pinnacle of our trip to Boise. They looked so lovely! There was fear that thunder and lightening might destroy the party, but the storm clouds dispersed and we had an awesome evening.

Jaren and Lily! So adorable!

The decor was beautiful!
Such a cute set up. It was like pintrest planned the party.
William and Grandma!
My wonderful mother!!
William's first taste of lime. He tried it twice and then looked at Grandma like, "What are you thinking?"
It was such a treat to have my Mom come and stay with us. Come back soon!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I can't believe that we are almost at 7 months already! I am in love with my adorable and smart little guy. I wish there was a machine to slow down time. Our little boy took a big step and started creeping this week. And of course I am providing video evidence!

This is William's favorite toy. He moves like crazy in his walker. In the kitchen I am constantly moving away from him, I am afraid he is going to run over my toes. We get the best squeals of delight when he is playing in this. My sister Jenessa said he drives like a drunk, thank goodness there is no car insurance for walkers!

In the last few days he learned his "Ba" sound. He practices it over and over again. He is so precious. I am amazed at how quickly he learns and how excited he is about the world and the things he is exploring.

I am starting to enter the world of baby proofing. Everything goes in his mouth now. This morning I had to dig soggy paper out of his mouth from a price tag on some new pajamas. (I didn't think that would digest well.)
   Just like he is learning new things, so am I. The fact is that everything in the house is going to start to be moved up higher or hidden. There are new things he discovers everyday, like electric cords, that make me worry. I love the adventures of raising a curious little boy.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Fair Time

This year we decided to get more involved with our community. Living in a small town means that even though events aren't as large as those we are used to (*hmm Clark County Fair and World Ag Expo) it isn't as scary to participate in them. So I decided to do something brave and entered a quilt I made for William into the fair. Bryce tried his luck at the tri-tip cookoff. The week before the fair we went to a children's rodeo. We cheered on children from our local congregation (ward). They did so well and were so proud of themselves. Poor little William is going to have to face the fact that when he gets older we are signing him up for mutton busting! Nothing cuter than children riding sheep.

My quilt did well. I was so excited to get a ribbon! Given, there were only two quilts in my division. I still and am pretty darn proud of it.

William wasn't the biggest fan. We went two days. Once with the 11-year-old scouts and then again the next day for the cook-off. He did enjoy the animals and his first taste of snocone. I heard his first scream of impatience because I couldn't shovel the delicious treat in fast enough!

I was looking online at a contest they had to take a picture in front of the Jerome County Fair Mural, There weren't too many entries so I am trying my luck to win a gift card. We'll see if I win Sunday!

On Friday we were joined by our friends the Woods. The girls and I went and looked at the animals. SO CUTE! It makes my heart happy to see baby animals. I also took some photos for work. Let me tell you. It is so hard to find clean cows. (For those of you who don't know: I work for a publishing company that focuses on cattle/dairy)

Bryce made some delicious tri-tip. The game was rigged because the Fire Fighters were selling t-shirts at the same time and the money was going in their bucket...but it was all for charity. All the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research. Everyone had a great time and that is all that matters.

William's favorite part was going home! I am glad we participated this year! I hope that we can start doing more and more in our community.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

12 Weeks! William Facts!

I am totally aware that most babies probably do the following things at the exact same time as William, BUT, I just want to give an update about what we have been up to! Today William reached 12 weeks. This little guy is so fun to have around. He loves to smile, talk and sing. He always has something to babble about and lets you have it when you aren't paying enough attention to him. 

He comes with me to work everyday (about 4 hours) and sometimes is nice enough to sleep the majority of the time. Those days are GREAT! Other days he needs to be held and cuddled. Good thing I have a sling that I stick him. Hopefully he gains something from going to work everyday, like how to design, or about cows, or how not to double task with a screaming child.

He loves to snuggle and be held close. William is bottle fed and lets you know when he is hungry, he moves into position and starts sucking your arm. Apparently that is where he thinks his food comes from. He is drinking about 4-6 oz. every three hours. We give a little milk cocktail of half reflux/costco formula. He seems to be doing great and is getting plump.

William has started to sleep through the night now. This past week he has gone to bed around 8:30 and wakes up at 4:30-5. Let me tell you, BLESSING FROM ABOVE!!! We moved him into his nursery and I think that has made all the difference. He sleeps snug as a bug in his crib and has a cute little snore every-so-often. He likes his binky in at night to help him sleep. That can be a curse as it wakes him up if it falls out too soon.


William can bring his fingers together and look at them.

He can move them to his mouth and suck on them.

He can bring toys to his mouth to suck on them. Pictured is his favorite toy alligator that Grandma Miles made for him. He loves to cuddle with it. He also lets me know when it has fallen off his lap. We also use the Alligator to sing him his favorite play song, "Three little monkeys swinging in a tree, teasing Mr. Alligator, "Can't catch me"."

 William will look at Mom and Dad when they talk to him. He loves when Dad comes home from work and gets excited. Sometimes he tells Dad off for being away so long.

William also loves to blow bubbles. We have him wear mittens for the dual use of wiping his face and avoiding scratches. Babies have such sharp nails!

William weighs 13 lbs. 5 oz. and is 24 inches long. We feel so blessed to have this little guy in our home. He is so fun to be with and we can tell he has such a happy personality!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I really enjoy reading delivery stories so I thought I would share my own.

William was due the 27th of January. The day came and went, and then a few more days came and went...and I thought it was getting ridiculous that he hadn't arrived. No contractions, no broken water, maybe a mucous plug. My doctor told me she rarely lets her mothers go over 41 weeks and said she would induce me on the 31st.

So the morning of the 31st I walked into our little 20 bed hospital in Jerome and signed in. I hardly slept the night before because I was so excited/nervous. I was feeling at ease that everything would go normal, but had no idea what to expect.

I told the nurse, a woman in my ward a church, all of my birth plans. It was going to be all natural. These were the most important things:
  • No epidural
  • No pitocin
  • No pain meds
  • Baby remains with me the whole time
The doctor came in around 8:30 and broke my water. It was the most awkward feeling of my life sitting in the hospital bed and feeling like I was wetting myself. My Mom and Bryce sat there watching me, waiting for things to happen. I finally told them to find something else to do because it was just too embarrassing. I also had requested that they turn away whenever the nurse did an exam...which is funny because at the end I could care less.

Around 2:00 things started to pick up and I started to have painful contractions...Right away I told the nurse to call the anesthesiologist. Epidural...PLEASE!!! I realized very quickly that I could be here all night with that amount of pain, and I wasn't going to have it. I kicked Bryce and my Mom out of the room while they prepped and placed the epidural. Once everything was situated and only working on half of my body. (BOO) My entourage returned. The doctor then called and told me since I had the epidural I might as well get some pitocin to help things move along faster. By this point I had backed out of my entire birth plan but honestly didn't care.

The next few hours were a blur of just waiting around until 6:00. I started to move into transition and remained dilated at a 9 for four hours. The pain on the right side of my body (where the epidural didn't work) was throbbing. Every time I had a contraction my sciatic nerve would be pinched. I sat there moaning as my Mom and Bryce tried to comfort me, tell me to breathe, and press on my back. I demanded ice chips be shoveled in my mouth. I told my Mom after that had it not been childbirth and I was in that much pain I would have killed myself to end the pain. I literally sat there in the bed contemplating death. I cried. I begged for someone to remove the baby by hand. I cried some more. I complained I couldn't take it anymore. 

What else was uncomfortable was I had my least favorite Paul Simon song stuck in my head. FOR HOURS!! Over and over again...War Time Prayers. Seriously nothing better than feeling like death and having a dumb song in your head.

There were also precious moments in the midst of everything. It was a very spiritual experience knowing that a little soul was about to enter this world and I was going to be his Mom. I was so excited for him to come and so nervous that everything would turn out ok.

At about 10:00 the nurses called the Doctor and said it was time to push. They rolled me over on my back and Bryce took one leg and my Mom took the other. It was as if there was no pain at all. My doctor was impressed with my pushing skills, saying she rarely sees a woman who has an epidural push that well. We joked for the whole hour I pushed and finally I worked the baby out. William was born at 10:49. It all happened so fast.

They placed him immediately in my arms. Bryce quickly said he looked like Predator, and I was just overwhelmed by the experience. I laid there holding him trying to calm him down after what must have been just as traumatic experience as I had. It was such a blur of them cleaning me up and taking pictures.

That night Bryce and my Mom went home to sleep and left me alone at the hospital. I was honestly a little peeved that Bryce left, but that quickly turned around as I had one of the most spiritual experiences. We laid there in the hospital room, little baby William in my arms and I smelled him and kissed him and knew he was a gift from God.

It was also amazing to know that my Mom was there to help me. I had reservations about anyone but Bryce being there but I felt so relieved to know my Mom was at my side encouraging me and supporting me. I am sure she enjoyed witnessing his entry into this world.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"That baby boy's in the ice box again"

Our little baby

Hey everyone, it's Bryce, I don't write on the blog much, well, I don't ever write on the blog, but I decided to go ahead and write something since we had what I like to think of as a milestone in our life.The name for the post is one of my favorite childhood sayings from a client we had in our home.  That is how I always knew I was about to get in trouble for getting in the fridge.  

Well, we had a baby.  That's it...well, that's not totally it...WE HAD A BABY!  On 1/31/13, Kristen gave birth to a sweet little baby boy that was 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20 inches long.  We have been anticipating this for a long time now, I think it's been about 9 months or something like that.  The sleepless nights, crying, pooping, crying, peeing, crying, etc.  It is all completely and entirely worth it.  It is worth every minute, every second of having him here with us.  The miracle of it all is that, somehow, God chose us to be his parents.  This is a new adventure for us and...wait for it...William, his name is William.  

William Phillips

As it turns out, William is actually a baby.  I questioned this for about a half a second when he first came out, but he is indeed a baby.  A baby boy at that.  Kristen and I have thought that it would be really funny if he came out a girl since we already had everything decorated to look like a boy's room.  

 Yeah, still would have been kind of funny if we had to change it to Lily, or Lilliam or some more girly name.  

William is now 4 whole days old, at the very minute I'm writing this actually.  We decided on William because we both really liked the name and thought it was nice, easy to spell, and a strong name.  His middle name is John-Kerry, named after both of his grandfathers and his great-grandfather.  All great men and all will be a great influence for good in William's life.  Oh, and Phillips is the last name, I thought it sounded good before we decided.

The next morning at the hospital.

What a great joy it is to have this little baby in our home.  He is a little bundle of wonder and didn't come with instructions or directions on how to change him or understand what his crying means at different times.  He came as a little perfect baby that will continue to grow and start to show us his personality.  He is quite the blessing in our home and we can't wait to see how he changes.  

I was talking with my mom tonight about how children and life, but mostly children, come just how they are supposed to and we have the right amount of trials in our lives.  This talk stemmed from me telling my mom about the LDS Stake conference we had on Sunday, where Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, one of the 12 Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, came and spoke to our stake in a special stake conference.  At the end of his talk he left an apostolic blessing for everyone and specifically left a blessing for the children and new babies, blessing them that they would be safe.  God gives us trials as he sees fit, whether it be a crying baby at 2 in the morning, a baby without instructions, or something harder like death or dismemberment.  However our trials come in this life, they are what we need and what we can handle.  Having a new baby is challenge for both of us, but it is worth it.  

Alright, I know everyone, especially my mom, is asking for a lot more pictures than she has seen, so I'll add a few at the end now.

The new mom immediately after birth.  What an amazing woman Kristen is.

 The little baby the next day with more normal color and head shape.

 The outfit that was planned to take William home in.  The doctor said we could take him home as soon as he peed for the first time...which happened to be a few minutes after we put him in this outfit.  He soaked it all the way through.

 So, we put him in a bear costume instead.  He enjoyed it and was a lot warmer than previously.

While we were still waiting to finish up at the hospital, Uncle Don, Aunt Cathye, and Hennessy came to visit the new baby.  Uncle Don was so excited for us and to get to hold him.  I think this is a great picture of them with William. 

Grandma Carolyn giving William his first bath.  I think he liked it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

One more week!!

This past week I discovered Hypno-birthing. I know...a little late in the game. New age? Yes. But let me tell has been AMAZING. It has been relaxing and filling me with positive vibes.

Last week I was struggling a lot with fear and anxiety about the birth. I would have nights where I couldn't sleep because I was afraid something was wrong with the baby or something could go wrong. Little things, like thoughts of a cord tightly around his neck, emergency c-sections, breached deliveries. I think from the very beginning of this pregnancy I have been afraid of the worst. Being diagnosed with a Sub Chorionic Hematoma (SCH) early on and bleeding was a very emotional downward tailspin for me and prevented me from embracing the child growing in me for a long time. I started to read and listen to all the horror stories of what could go wrong and totally absorbed myself in negativity. These things have been on my mind for months. I needed to let them go.

Lets face it. Every woman has a warrior story when it comes to their bodies and motherhood. Whether it is a struggle to want to become a mother, birthing, loss, adoption, or infertility. Woman need to find support from others during these times. We find solace in knowing we are not alone; that things go wrong, and that we can overcome. I think I had placed myself in a mindset where I forgot to see the good, joy, victories, and miracles. I had forgotten that every warrior story contains those as well.

My body healed itself naturally from the SCH. My baby has grown. He kicks and squirms. He has a shaky leg like I did in my mothers womb. He doesn't have to fit a standard size measurement or look a certain way. He will come the way nature and God planned for him to enter this world. He may not be perfect. He will be a member of our family and my son.

Being able to push all the negativity aside has been so amazing. I feel like in the last three days I have come full circle and am finally able to embrace that things can go well. I feel much more at ease and less burdened. I don't sit around waiting for him to come anymore; fearing for an early or scary delivery. I also don't feel the need to have to run around the block or do jumping jacks to get him here. (Sadly, I may become a hypocrite and resort to that if he doesn't come while my mom is here) Exciting things are happening in little Jerome, ID and I can't wait for the changes.

Stay tuned. The next post will be of a sweet little baby boy!