Sunday, July 5, 2009

Balloon Festival

The city of Driggs, about half an hour from Jackson, WY and about 50 minutes from Rexburg where I live had a balloon festival the 4th of July. My roommate Dorthy mentioned that she wanted to go, and I thought it would be a fun activity to go to... the only downside was we had to leave around 4am to get there on time.
Our intentions for going were just to see the balloons but soon we were recruited to be the balloon chasing crew for a man named Greg Ashton. At first we were a little concerned over the fact we knew nothing about hot air balloons except that they land in crazy spots and that our job was to follow the balloon and pick it up where it landed. Greg handed us the keys to his car and some gloves... he was really trusting.

There were about 12 balloons there that day, not as many as some balloon shows but enough to make it spectacular. Bryce and Dorthy held the balloon open so it could fill with air, while I had the all important job of watching, taking pictures, and turning off the fan. It was a cool process to watch. Then we carried the balloon further into the field for lift off and bid adieu to our balloon. We hopped into the suburban and followed them.

Greg landed in some family's front yard. Thankfully the kids were uber excited to have a hot air balloon land in their front yard, it doesn't happen that often. The whole neighborhood helped us back the balloon up and we drove back to the fairgrounds where we were treated to a "Wine and Cheese" meet and greet, where we had some cider and delicious cheese snacks.

It was a super fun experience. I loved how fun it was to actually be apart of the show instead of just watching. It made it all the more fun.

After we went to Victor, ID and watched a parade. It was full of candy and I thought it was good. My Design and Color teacher drove his old restored truck and it helped me to finally remember his name... Tim Tanner. I couldn't remember it for the life of me.
We visited a antique show and looked at some nice stuff. I think I want to collect porcelain dog figurines. I already have one.
We went to Idaho Falls for the Fireworks. We went with our friends Johnny & Danielle, and Andy & Holly and a few others. The wait was fun and I enjoyed socializing. It was a nice end to our extended weekend.
We also went to American Falls to visit Bryce's cousins Pat and Marshall. It was a fun visit and I loved sleeping in and just relaxing. We had some good food and great conversation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Today I saw a skinny pigeon I think it was a baby. It scared me at first it was so weird looking. I looked at it for a good thirty seconds to figure out what it was. For some reason it never occurred to me that pigeons laid eggs. I know that would be completely natural. But I never have heard of a pigeon nest before.

I wonder what their eggs look like... Sewer Green? Smog Black? Brick Red? Perhaps they are covered in poo... just because those birds poo everywhere... why not on their own young.

I didn't see a baby monkey. I just thought it hugging the pigeon was cute.


The end is coming... a lot faster then I would like. In the next few weeks I will finish up my education at BYU-Idaho and move on into the wide world of commerce. I don't know what I am going to do sadly. I thought it would all get easier once I got out of school for some reason.

I'm graduating with no job, no money, and no career prospects. Ugh.

I am realizing quickly that I need like three more years of experience before I can get any job at all. My work is improving, which gives me hope, but until I have a job secured I am sure I'll live in a constant state of anxiety. I have worked my butt off at school and can't figure out where I went wrong. I always put in insane hours to make my designs a step above, but I think I missed the how to get a job part.

The economy is a little in the dumps and a lot of design firms are downsizing. They don't have the work for the lowly junior designers to do because they have fewer contracts. I am debating going on to school, but as all my teachers have said, "Graphic Designers who go to grad school... go because they don't know how to design." So... if I did go back to school I have no idea what I would study.

I've been thinking of starting my own small business and have brainstorming ideas. Nothing seems like it would make money and finding investors would scare me to death. I'm not a bold individual.

So, with the end coming, and Idaho disappearing from my sights I am in a tight spot and am not looking forward to the future.