Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blessing Day!

My new nephew Sawyer Anthony Kahmann, was blessed by his Dad on the 22nd. We decided that it would be a good reason to finally visit my sister Cherie and her little family who live on the East Coast.

It was a sweet blessing and Sawyer looked so cute in his vintage blessing outfit. It was his Dad's (Keith) when he was blessed. My favorite part of the outfit was the embroidered pistols on the front. I thought it was classic.

During the blessing Sawyer looked around and cooed at all the guys holding him. He is such a peaceful baby.

Start Spreading the News...

Bryce and I decided to take a day trip to New York City while on our trip to Connecticut. Let me tell you my legs have never been so tired! Because we had so little time for such a big city we did our best to get a peek at what this city has to offer.

We enjoyed the train ride from Connecticut and loved snuggling next to each other as we traveled. Little did we know this would be the only time we would feel relaxed the whole trip.

Our arrival in Grand Central Station was a preview of what laid ahead for our day. It was like we were herded cattle and we followed the crowd. Bryce was a little nervous to ride the subway. I had to convince him I knew what I was doing, having spent a lot of time on Public transportation on my mission. He eased up after the first ride. Grand Central Station was beautiful and impressive.

Our first stop was the Staten Island Ferry, it was a fun boat ride that gave us a beautiful view of the city. Plus, it was FREE! We had fun talking with the locals.

We then stopped at Times Square, There were so many people it was a little overwhelming. While taking a few pictures we were ushered out by Police Barricading the block. So it wasn't so exciting. Then we went to the MOMA, saw some art, beat the crowds (It was free day). We were so tired from walking that we saw one floor and went to the gift shop. We bought a I (hear) New York magnet and rolling pin and then headed to Grand Central for lunch.

We had an exhausting day but enjoyed the experience and the right to say, "I visited New York once."

A Photoshoot by Lily Kahmann

Ms. Lily had a good ole' time taking pictures of her family...too bad the majority of the time the camera was facing her and she got a whole lotta' flash in her eyes.

The Grandparents Kahmann

My favorite image was her little poodle blanket because that was the first thing she wanted to take pictures of. Oh! the love of toys.

Koeven Family Reunion

As a child we would get an annual invitation to the Koeven Family Reunion. I would gaze at it and ponder how exciting it would be, I think I even tried to convince my Mom to take us. Since we lived so far from Utah we never went. Well when I got a personal invite mailed to Mrs. Kristen Phillips I couldn't resist. I had to attend. So we marked it on our calendars and set some cash aside to drive down.
This year they honored my beloved Grandma Theone. I thought it was precious they would dedicate the reunion to her. I read a little ditty about Grandma's life and there were images around of her life. My great Aunts Sheila and Mary were there. I love my Aunt Mary, she is such a sweetheart. Seeing her makes me miss my Grandma. Mary has a similar voice and it makes me melt. I love it!

My brothers joined us there, It was nice to see Jon, Janilee and Kent again. I have a great family. I forget how much I miss spending time with them.

I can't wait for my invite for next year!