Wednesday, May 16, 2012


When Bryce graduated from school in December he and I knew we need a change. I was getting burned out at work, and he was looking for work. So, we started applying at different places.

My sister works at a company in Salt Lake as a designer and so she got me an interview. I did a skype interview with them first and then we drove down to Utah for a final interview. They offered me a job. I was thrilled. I would get to live near my family and work all day with my sister, someone who I enjoy being with and who brings out my fun side. As we were driving home I had the distinct feeling that I should not take it. That we needed to wait for a job for Bryce.

Bryce was applying for graduate schools and looking for a job. He got two offers in one week at both of the places he wanted to work at in Idaho Falls. A kind co-worker had helped him get the one he wanted more and he decided to start there. Three days working there he got a call from the State Health and Welfare office in Twin Falls asking him to come in for an interview. We were beyond thrilled about this position. It was in line with the direction he wanted his career to go. He went in for the interview, and got the job. A few weeks later he also got accepted to the Boise State Masters of Social Work program, in Twin Falls. His work also said that if he continued on working after graduation they would help pay for his schooling.

I decided to stay on at my job in Idaho Falls for another two months. I had a month left on my contract and financially we couldn't afford me working. So I pressed on while Bryce moved to Jerome and I moved in with his great aunt. We were able to sell our apartment lease quickly and living with Bryce's Aunt saved us money and provided both the Aunt and I with company. I hated being away from Bryce so long. I don't think I could ever do that again. If I didn't have Bryce's sweet Aunt I think I would have gone bitter. 

As the weeks neared that I would leave my current job I was getting worried that I wouldn't be able to find work. I had decided I would work anywhere in town. When Bryce was hired, his friend Leslie was also hired for the same position. She mentioned to us that she had worked at a magazine in Jerome in the circulation dept. and that they hired designers. It just so happened, that she also was going to a Young Single Adult job fair that night and she would bring them my resume. She did, they called. I had interviews and then this Monday they made me an offer. Crazy. The one place in a town of 8,000 that hired designers happened to be hiring.

So, here I am in Jerome. Thankfully Bryce has an Uncle and Aunt here so we have some family in town. It as if everything needed has fallen into place. I don't question that I need to be here, but I wonder why God has brought us here. It is so far from home for both of us. As nervous as I am, I am excited for the possibilities this little town brings.