Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Art before Graphic Design

I thought I would show off some of my art work. My friend Carrie has an awesome blog where she shows off pictures of her life. I thought I would take some images of the things have have done. It took a while for me to decide what I wanted to do with my life. So, I'll show the things that brought me, or distracted me until I found, what I wanted to do. Long before I choose my career choice. I wanted to be a yodaler. Or not I just found the hat in my closet.
This was a pencil drawing I did in Art 111. Basic Drawing. This was around the point in my life when I was choosing between music or art. I put a lot of music themes in my art, but eventually gave music up. Sad choice. I should have done both.
In High school I wanted to pursue a career as a printmaker. I loved wood carving. My first few semesters at school I took printmaking. These two have religious themes. SLC temple and Elijah. Both are a form of printmaking called etching. You scratch on a metal plate and then place it in acid which eats further into the metal. Then you plave ink on top of that and clean the plate until the ink is only in the cracks. You then set it on a press and run it through. The paper catches the ink...

This was my first painting. It's of boats. I love marina's and Think old wood boats are so rustic and quiant. My Mom put a whole bunch of seashells on the frame. It made me cry. I left the frame out for that very purpose.

This is a mixture of my pottery and book making projects. I was studying my first three years at school to be a high school art teacher. I loved my pottery classes and loved the wood fire kiln technique. A lot of my early work had an aboriginal theme. I loved aboriginal art. I felt like I was Paul Simon, exploring another culture and taking elements and combining it into my own. Think Graceland when he went to South Africa, or Rythem of the Saints in Brazil. I loved how the aboriginees had a way of taking a line or a dot and creating a story. I wanted to infuse my work with that simplicity.
This is my bed. I think it is pretty cool. My Mom made the quilt. It has these awesome flannel flowers on it.
This is my cat. Romeo. I call him pussy-puss.
I made the picture frame in the back. I think I did a pretty awesome job. The other two pictures are of my Grandma's. They both passed away about a year before my Mission. It helped with the grief to have pictures of them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life in the slow lane

Jenessa is getting her papers in for her mission. We thought she could start by teaching the cat. He wasn't interested.

So I apologize for not updating. I always look at other peoples blogs and they have cute stories about their babies or trips with there spouse. It makes me realize how boring my life is so I never update. But someone will read, so I will write.

I went to see "Ghost town" this week and last. I went with some new friends last Saturday. I met them at church and invited them to dinner at my place, Norwegian Pancakes yum, and then we went to the movie. It was hilarious. Ricky Gervais is a comic god. The script was awesome. It had the same smart humor as Arrested Development. I went to see it twice I liked it so much, my Mom and I went yesterday while someone was looking at the house. Tea Leoni does a great job too. She really adds to making Gervais's character funny. Plot: Man is a bitter dentist who hates people. He likes his job because people are forced not to talk to him. He dies while getting a colonoscopy, comes back to life and can see dead people. The dead people want him to do stuff for them, but he hates them just as much as living people. One guy wants him to break off the engagement of his widow. He agrees to make all the dead go away.
Favorite line: "I don't mind crowds, it's the people in them I don't like."

What else.

Look at the children Jenessa! Going to school. Haha. we made lego children out of the round pieces because they looked like heads.

I played with Lego's. My cousins wanted to come over for a play date and I thought getting out my favorite toy as a child would entertain them. Wrong. In a world of video games, legos are almost uncool. I had a huge breakthrough when playing though. With legos everything is on a grid, placement of each lego on the grid is calculated and needs to be planned as to assure the structure will hold, and all the pieces fit. Since I was a child this sort of analysis has haunted me. I was obsessed with order. Maps were my favorite because they showed where things are in relation to another in the exact spot on earth. I read atlases all the time. I also had a weird love of home plan books and blueprints.

We were obsessive compulsive Lego players. We started by dividing all the pieces by color. Because multi-colored homes are unacceptable in the land of lego, each of us got a color to build with and we combined the colors that didn't have a lot of legos. In art everything for me is divided into pieces. That's why I love design. because I get to create pieces and then place them. I get to find the exact spot where something should be in relation to another. I thank Legos for my career choice.