Saturday, July 12, 2008

You are living in the Monkey House

I was watching Project Runway the other day with Kent marveling at how Tim Gunn reminded me of my teacher Brother Burgener. It was weird how the use almost all the same phrases like... "(insert name), I am worried about this. Are you going to have time to finish?"

Well Tim said something that made me laugh and think. He was like, "You know when you enter the Monkey house, it smells really bad and you're like, "What's that smell?" Then after 10 minutes you don't really notice it anymore... then after an hour you are wondering why the people coming in are making such weird faces and gagging? Well, for the past month you've been living in the Monkey House..." He was referring to the weird outfits made of Human Hair collection, but I think we can apply that to ourselves.

How often do we sit and watch or do something, that we don't feel good about or know we shouldn't be doing... then after it starts to be a habit, those feelings don't really come anymore, and we live in the Monkey House and see nothing wrong. Complacency is a dangerous thing.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I dedicate this posting to my favorite Scandinavian book character Pippi Longstocking. Hun er saa nydelig! I fell in love with Pippi on my mission. Pippi is just so dang cool. She is the epitomy of everything fantastic in the world. She doesn't care what others think, she is a super strong and independant women. She can take care of a small family, a horse and monkey. She cooks and cleans! She also is very considerate of others. She uses her gold coins to buy candy for her friends Tommy and Annika all the time.
Pippi is like the female Peter Pan. But instead of flying she can lift stuff over her head. Peter lives in Neverland,somewhere out in space. She lives in a little Swedish Village! Her dad is a Pirate, and a African King. So She pretty much has it made. FY FABIAN!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wall-E Review

Wow, I think this is the first Animated Disney Movie aimed to discuss social problems. It was a mix of 2001 Space Odyssey, Soylent Green, and 1984. I was waiting for the robot on the ship to start singing, "Daisy!"
Definitely a man vs. the machine movie, and what will happen if we entertain ourselves to death.
I am not a fan of animated movies. Not in the least. So I was super hesitant to see this one. I had no idea what it was going to be about. I was actually impressed. And no talking animals. I loved how all Wall-e wanted to do was hold hands. SO CUTE!
The most interesting part of the movie was the end how they showed the progression of man through Art. I thought it was so cool from cave drawings, to Abstract (Van Gogh-like) they showed the development of man. Or chubby man.

Friday, July 4, 2008


So this morning I did Jenessa a favor and helped her roommate distribute cupcakes to people in the annual Rexburg Freedom Parade. I got a really cute t-shirt out of it. It says I *Heart* Cupcakes. I'll have to wear it when I get home and make some cupcakes with my Mom and sisters. We could have a really fun FHE! Jenessa's roommate Megan works for a place called Cupcake Cafe, the obviously sell cupcakes. They also sell Coffee like drinks without the coffee made from chocolate or milk.

We were walking around giving cupcakes out and some angry man yelled at me and was like "Hey Cupcake Girl, you missed me!" Well there were no more cupcakes so, sad for him.

I think this could be called the year of the cupcakes for me. My birthday was cupcakeriffic! I got tons of stuff to make cupcakes from my Mom.

I went to Idaho falls today for the fireworks show. It was a lot of fun. My companion from the mission Dorthy and her roommates went to the movie Wall-e first, stopped by Ross to get some clothes for Dorthy and then had a little picnic and played a game called Bohnaenza or something. It had to do with gold coins and bean cards.

The fireworks were great. Some little kids in front of us cried the whole time and spoiled it a little. But I was impressed with the show.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My obsessions

As you know I have oh so many obsessions. I think the one that has carried out the longest is my X-files one. I love that show! It is so weird! Because I hate movies that have to do with sci-fi. I hate all action movies. And it doesn't really make me laugh. So why on earth did I choose to like the show? I guess that will remain a mystery.

Can I say I am soooo excited for the new movie. I check the Facebook group like twice a day for news and spoilers. I've seen both versions of the trailer like 6 times. It better be good. I am pretty sure that I'll have to take Kent with me to see it because no one else in the family even cares. I couldn't pay Jenessa to sit through it with me. But I am ok with that. Everything is a count down to July 25th.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

It's interesting how when the apartment is dirty it is so difficult for me to study and feel the spirit. I think it is disgusting! What is really upsetting is when people come over and the apartment looks gross. I get so embarrassed because they don't know it isn't my stuff!

How you keep your house is a reflection of yourself. If you want to present yourself as a put together, normal person, you have to demonstrate that in more then just how you speak or do your hair. Housekeeping also shows the boys what kind of wife you are going to be. Guys want a wife who can manage the home and want to make it a place of refuge.