Saturday, October 30, 2010

They call this Work

We had an amazing time at work on Friday handing out candy and treating our trick or treaters. The whole building goes all out in decorating for the big day. I thought I would show some pics of what the creative department did. As well as a video staring mine truly, Bryce. He came for the last hour of the day and helped with clean up.

Bryce and I snuggling in the TeePee

The graveyard I made

Ryan and Brandon at the Bank
The outside of the TeePee
Kelly the Blacksmith
Kelly the Buffalo
Chris in his general store

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cowboys and Indians

At work I found out that they take Halloween really seriously. They go all out with decorating the departments in different themes. This year Marketing decided to do the Wild West. Since I am way to uptight to be a saloon girl and find that a pioneer women costume would be lame, I went with an Indian. During General Conference I decided I would spend the many hours sitting around to good use and sewed my costume.

For creating something without a pattern I thought I did really well. The hair was inspired by project runway which I had spent all Saturday watching.

Bryce wanted to be the cowboy to my indian and came up with his costume. A new pearl snap shirt and some bullets polished off his costume. Funny thing was we met at a Halloween dance... and he was dressed up as a cowboy then. I think the little boy inside him always wanted to be a cowboy...or he just owns a hat.

Disclaimer:Bryce knows his skull mask is off center and demands new pictures.