Sunday, April 14, 2013


I really enjoy reading delivery stories so I thought I would share my own.

William was due the 27th of January. The day came and went, and then a few more days came and went...and I thought it was getting ridiculous that he hadn't arrived. No contractions, no broken water, maybe a mucous plug. My doctor told me she rarely lets her mothers go over 41 weeks and said she would induce me on the 31st.

So the morning of the 31st I walked into our little 20 bed hospital in Jerome and signed in. I hardly slept the night before because I was so excited/nervous. I was feeling at ease that everything would go normal, but had no idea what to expect.

I told the nurse, a woman in my ward a church, all of my birth plans. It was going to be all natural. These were the most important things:
  • No epidural
  • No pitocin
  • No pain meds
  • Baby remains with me the whole time
The doctor came in around 8:30 and broke my water. It was the most awkward feeling of my life sitting in the hospital bed and feeling like I was wetting myself. My Mom and Bryce sat there watching me, waiting for things to happen. I finally told them to find something else to do because it was just too embarrassing. I also had requested that they turn away whenever the nurse did an exam...which is funny because at the end I could care less.

Around 2:00 things started to pick up and I started to have painful contractions...Right away I told the nurse to call the anesthesiologist. Epidural...PLEASE!!! I realized very quickly that I could be here all night with that amount of pain, and I wasn't going to have it. I kicked Bryce and my Mom out of the room while they prepped and placed the epidural. Once everything was situated and only working on half of my body. (BOO) My entourage returned. The doctor then called and told me since I had the epidural I might as well get some pitocin to help things move along faster. By this point I had backed out of my entire birth plan but honestly didn't care.

The next few hours were a blur of just waiting around until 6:00. I started to move into transition and remained dilated at a 9 for four hours. The pain on the right side of my body (where the epidural didn't work) was throbbing. Every time I had a contraction my sciatic nerve would be pinched. I sat there moaning as my Mom and Bryce tried to comfort me, tell me to breathe, and press on my back. I demanded ice chips be shoveled in my mouth. I told my Mom after that had it not been childbirth and I was in that much pain I would have killed myself to end the pain. I literally sat there in the bed contemplating death. I cried. I begged for someone to remove the baby by hand. I cried some more. I complained I couldn't take it anymore. 

What else was uncomfortable was I had my least favorite Paul Simon song stuck in my head. FOR HOURS!! Over and over again...War Time Prayers. Seriously nothing better than feeling like death and having a dumb song in your head.

There were also precious moments in the midst of everything. It was a very spiritual experience knowing that a little soul was about to enter this world and I was going to be his Mom. I was so excited for him to come and so nervous that everything would turn out ok.

At about 10:00 the nurses called the Doctor and said it was time to push. They rolled me over on my back and Bryce took one leg and my Mom took the other. It was as if there was no pain at all. My doctor was impressed with my pushing skills, saying she rarely sees a woman who has an epidural push that well. We joked for the whole hour I pushed and finally I worked the baby out. William was born at 10:49. It all happened so fast.

They placed him immediately in my arms. Bryce quickly said he looked like Predator, and I was just overwhelmed by the experience. I laid there holding him trying to calm him down after what must have been just as traumatic experience as I had. It was such a blur of them cleaning me up and taking pictures.

That night Bryce and my Mom went home to sleep and left me alone at the hospital. I was honestly a little peeved that Bryce left, but that quickly turned around as I had one of the most spiritual experiences. We laid there in the hospital room, little baby William in my arms and I smelled him and kissed him and knew he was a gift from God.

It was also amazing to know that my Mom was there to help me. I had reservations about anyone but Bryce being there but I felt so relieved to know my Mom was at my side encouraging me and supporting me. I am sure she enjoyed witnessing his entry into this world.


CarrieAnne said...

Amazing! 4 hrs at a 9 shouldn't be legal! You are a trooper Miles. Thanks for sharing�� glad I deg!

Johannes and Christine said...

Nice work! You're a star - no matter how a baby enters the world, it is HARD WORK! I didn't stick to my birth plan with my first child either ;)

Kati Howard said...

First, I love your new blog make-over, so cute! Second, I had to laugh about the birth plan. I can relate to the whole plan falling apart... though mine happened weeks before I actually gave birth to Quincy (thanks to a transverse breech baby)... yeah pushing that kid out sideways just WASN'T gonna happen. What I learned was that although I felt disheartened at first that things didn't or couldn't have gone as I planned that the MOST important thing was that my baby was healthy and had a safe delivery. Sounds like you did wonderfully well, Kristen! He is such a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristen!
Today on the "5 O'Clock Funny" on my favorite radio station, a male comedian talked about women being much tougher than men. He said, "Guys are like, 'Having a baby's nothing - I played football!'" I can't repeat the rest . . . but I laughed out loud for a really long time.
Thank you for months of long-suffering and pain to bring that sweet little wonder into all our lives. He is amazing - and so is his mother!!!

Cherie said...

You are not alone in abandoning your birth plan. I was right there too! Sucks huh? But it is amazing how quickly you forget that horrible day.