Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Always Fun When Grandma Comes!

I had the pleasure of entertaining my Mom last week. We went walking, hiking/walking to Shoshone falls, drove to Boise, Outlet shopping, played games, made cookies, sewed...and you know watched William as well. Phew. What a long list of things to cram into five days. The time flew by.

William loved every second of having Grandma Miles around. He laughed like crazy when she would play with him and he fussed for two days after she left. I am sure he was wondering where the nice lady who gave him cheese sticks to teeth on went.

My cousin Jaren was married last month and he had a open house in Meridian, ID. I thought it would be a great time for my Mom to visit and spend time with me. We could celebrate the wedding and spend one on one time together. One of our outings was to the Boise Zoo. Overall I thought the Zoo was on par with the one in Idaho Falls. It was a fun day trip. The best part was feeding the goats. One was all up in William's face and he was fascinated by it.

Not impressed.
Still not impressed.
Aw cute!
Pretty bird.
After the Zoo we were joined by Bryce who was on a work trip the majority of the visit. We went outlet shopping and purchased some clothes for William. (That boy is growing like mad) He moved to 12 month clothing and we noticed that he had almost no pajamas or sleep and play clothes in that size. Carters was having a good sale so we stocked up on outfits for our growing boy. My mom and I got cute leather jackets for fall. To top the night off we went to Jaren and Lily's open house. It was the pinnacle of our trip to Boise. They looked so lovely! There was fear that thunder and lightening might destroy the party, but the storm clouds dispersed and we had an awesome evening.

Jaren and Lily! So adorable!

The decor was beautiful!
Such a cute set up. It was like pintrest planned the party.
William and Grandma!
My wonderful mother!!
William's first taste of lime. He tried it twice and then looked at Grandma like, "What are you thinking?"
It was such a treat to have my Mom come and stay with us. Come back soon!


Carolyn's Recipe Corner said...

Thanks for all the fun!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a great visit. I love the series of photos of the lime-eating adventure!

Holly said...

Keep the adorable pictures coming! We miss you guys

Daniel and Diana said...

Love the pictures!

Cherie said...

I'm glad you got to spend time with the legendary grandma. My kids ALWAYS talk about her. Just wait until William is old enough to understand that the talking kitty is Grandma. It's one of Lily and Sawyer's favorite things! Next it's my turn to get my hands on that baby boy!!!